Fauna management – Clearing Permit

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Prior to undertaking clearing the areas of remnant vegetation in Plan 1969/1b and Plan 1969/1c shall be inspected by a fauna specialist for the presence of suitable habitat for Idiosoma nigrum (Shield-backed Trapdoor Spider), Cacatua leadbeateri (Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo) and Pomatostomus supercilious ashbyi (White Browed Babbler).

Yarra Yarra Aquatic Monitoring

Wetland research & Management

The main objective of this project was to assess the effects of deep drainage on the ecological health of receiving playas and wetlands. This was achieved by comparing water samples and macro & micro invertebrate samples collected from reference sites with those collected from exposed sites within the Yarra Yarra Catchment area.

Deep Drainage Assessment Monitoring Report

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The Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group is undertaking an extensive program of drilling and monitoring bores across the catchment that will provide some insight into the movement (and containment) of groundwater in the catchment.

Ecological Assessment of the Yarra Yarra Cacthment

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The overall aim of the Yarra Yarra Catchment Project is to prepare Catchment Management Plans for each of the subcatchments as a means of conserving the biological resources of the region while implementing management strategies to deal with salinity.

Summary of drainage Evaluation Project


A baseline ecological study of the remnant vegetation of the Yarra Yarra Catchment was undertaken in 2001. All remnants greater than 1ha were visited in 15 of the 50 subcatchments in the Yarra Yarra region.