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Regional Flora

This isn’t intended to be an exhaustive flora of the Yarra Yarra area. Rather, it is a selection from the Yarra Yarra flora – a collection of photographs taken opportunistically over the last few years. For logistic reasons, the selection is strongly skewed towards the saline wetlands and other low parts of the landscape. In general, taxonomy and nomenclature follows the WA Herbarium and its Florabase website (LINK), but the similarity is not always exact. Note, among other deviations, the division here of the large plant groups, legumes, chenopods & lilies.

To view photos of a particular plant species, select the relevant family (by clicking on the family name in either list view or thumbnail view), then select the desired genus and species. Click the Launch Gallery tab (pale blue box, top line, slightly right of centre) when no further directory-subdivisions are offered. (The Launch Gallery tab won’t even appear on the screen until it becomes a valid choice.)

The arrangement of samphires here is in part ecological, rather than purely taxonomic. However, the procedure for viewing photos of a particular taxon (species, subspecies or informal variant) is similar.

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