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Barrye Thompson
CEO of the Yarra Yarra Catchment Regional Council

I was appointed by the Yarra Yarra Catchment Regional Council as Chief Executive Officer as of April 2008. My role is to manage the total operation of the Regional Council and ensure the vision of Council becomes a reality.

Management takes the form of day to day operational matters, ensuring the actions of the Regional Council is transparent, accountable and forms good governance. The YYCRC is the first time that a Local Government has been involved in the Natural Resource Management of a complete catchment, and as part of the pilot scheme is to ensure a practical and recognised governance model is developed so it may be utilised by other regions


Max Hudson
Project Manager for the Yarra Yarra Regional Drainage Project

As the project manager for drainage it is my job to develop drainage projects in close consultation with land managers. I supervise project development and implementation and also develop processes for maintenance and monitoring of the completed drains. It is also my responsibility to oversee the construction of fencing around the drains and to establish a revegetation and rehabilitation program for the land adjacent to the drains. I report directly to the CEO and we work closely in lobbying Government Departments, Ministers and their representatives to gain further funds for drainage activities.

It is my responsibility to provide project reports, in consultation with the finance manager, to the Yarra Yarra Committee, the Yarra Yarra Catchment Regional Council and relevant funding bodies. I ensure that zone workshops are held from time to time to keep community members up to date with catchment developments. This provides an opportunity for the community members to raise any issues they may have, which will then be discussed at Yarra Yarra Catchment Group meetings,  interact with staff so that they may take any concerns of those members back to the YYCMG to be discussed at meetings to be passed on for attention by the YYCRC when ratified by the CEO.I have been involved with the Yarra Yarra Catchment Group since it began and have been actively involved with landcare within the Yarra Yarra region for over 20 years.


Dr Ian Fordyce
Environmental Scientist

I have over 30 years experience in the management and study of natural resources, particularly in areas of geochemistry, soil science and botany.  My role in the catchment group is mostly to co-ordinate research aspects of the Regional Drainage Program.  This includes monitoring impacts of on-ground works on

1)  groundwater levels and groundwater quality

2)  valley-floor soils and their capabilities

3)  biological activity in discharge areas, notably saline wetlands

I also liaise with other research groups and institutions working in the northern wheatbelt.


Stacey Hudson
Finance Manager

I am the Finance Officer for the Yarra Yarra Catchment Regional Council and the Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group (Inc). I have been employed in this position since March 2004. I work from home which is on a farm 60km north east of Kalannie, which I also farm with my husband Grant. We have 3 children, Ryan, Sophie & Tessa. I love playing hockey and tennis and being involved in the Kalannie community.


Dene Solomon
Natural Resource Mangement Officer (NRMO)

I have been involved with the Yarra Yarra group since 2000, when I joined the committee, and have been part of the staff since 2002 in various roles. I am working as a NRMO and have been doing this job for over four years. I have a background and qualifications in engineering surveying which regularly comes in handy. I am based in the Perenjori office, and in my spare time, I work on the family farm, which is north of Perenjori. I have two children, Bhodi and Stephanie and am actively involved in the Perenjori community.


Lizzie King
Natural Resource Management Officer (NRMO)

I work as a Natural Resource Management Officer (NRMO) with the Yarra Yarra group. I have been in this position since March 2008, and have worked with the Yarra Yarra group since September 2007. For more information on what the NRMO role entails. I am based in the Perenjori office, but also work in the Kalannie office. I moved from England to Australia in 2007 and live on a farm east of Latham with my husband Geoff and our two dogs.


Flora Danielzik
Natural Resource Mangement Officer (NRMO)

I work part time as a Natural Resource Manager for the Yarra Yarra Group, sharing the role with Lizzie. I started in this position in October 2011 after co-ordinating the trials and events for the Liebe Group in Dalwallinu. I am originally from Germany, where I studied Biology. I moved to Australia in 2008 and live on a farm in Waddy Forest together with my partner Wade.

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