Committee and Staff

Peter Syme
Chair Person of YYCMG

Started farming in 1974 and bought a property in the Yarra Yarra region in 2001 close to Wubin. I joined NACC as a Board Member from 2002 – 2005. In 2005 I was elected as the Chair of the Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group and have been there ever since. No one is willing to step up into the position at this stage and I feel it’s important to remain a part of the group as it would be a shame to see all the hard work go to waste. I hope to see some renewed interest in the region in the near future and it’s great to have some new faces on the committee to take it into the next chapter of projects planned.


Jude Sutherland
Local Landcare Coordinator & Vice Chair of YYCMG

I work as the Local Landcare Coordinator with YYCMG. I enjoy learning about new and innovative ways to farm and believe we need to work with the land to ensure leave it in a healthy state for the next generation. I live and work on our farm with my husband Ashley and family, we are situated 18km west of Perenjori. I am currently on the Community Resource Centre (CRC) Committee and enjoy being involved at a community level. I grew up on a farm in the district and have always been interested in agriculture and how we can support the land (soils) through landcare. I enjoy working alongside landholders and am interested in different farming practices and the way farming methods change so rapidly in an ever changing environment.


Stacey Hudson

I am the Finance Officer for the Yarra Yarra Catchment Regional Council and the Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group (Inc). I have been employed in this position since March 2004. I work from home which is on a farm 60km north east of Kalannie, which I also farm with my husband Grant. We have 3 children, Ryan, Sophie & Tessa. I love playing hockey and tennis and being involved in the Kalannie community.


Lizzie King

I have worked as a Natural Resource Management Officer (NRMO) for the YYCMG for 6 years, and then continued in that role and more recently as a biodiversity officer with NACC since 2013. I’ve been involved with the YYCMG in some form since I moved here from the UK in 2007. I live on a farm east of Bunjil, with my husband Geoff and our three children, Thomas, Ollie & Stevie, and am involved in the bookwork side of the business and sometimes the sheepwork, but am yet to learn how to drive the header! I’m actively involved in the local community, working in Perenjori, as well as being involved with the P&C, and I’m also involved with the Coorow Hockey club. I have always been interested in landcare, and particularly how landcare and agriculture work together.


Max Hudson
Delegate for the Wheatbelt Catchment Alliance of WA

As the project manager for drainage it is my job to develop drainage projects in close consultation with land managers. I supervise project development and implementation and also develop processes for maintenance and monitoring of the completed drains. It is also my responsibility to oversee the construction of fencing around the drains and to establish a revegetation and rehabilitation program for the land adjacent to the drains. I report directly to the CEO and we work closely in lobbying Government Departments, Ministers and their representatives to gain further funds for drainage activities.

It is my responsibility to provide project reports, in consultation with the finance manager, to the Yarra Yarra Committee, the Yarra Yarra Catchment Regional Council and relevant funding bodies. I ensure that zone workshops are held from time to time to keep community members up to date with catchment developments. This provides an opportunity for the community members to raise any issues they may have, which will then be discussed at Yarra Yarra Catchment Group meetings,  interact with staff so that they may take any concerns of those members back to the YYCMG to be discussed at meetings to be passed on for attention by the YYCRC when ratified by the CEO.I have been involved with the Yarra Yarra Catchment Group since it began and have been actively involved with landcare within the Yarra Yarra region for over 20 years.


Carris Waite

Having grown up on the family farm 20km west of Latham, my two passions have always been agriculture and conservation. I went on to study a Bachelor of Animal Science, and Conservation and Wildlife Biology at Murdoch University before returning to the farm. I am now the livestock manager of our 10,000acre crop and merino sheep property. Being a part of the YYCMG has allowed me to be more involved in sustainable farming practices and conservation on a larger scale, as well as capacity building.


Paulina Wittwer

A farming wife from the fascinating ancient granite Inering Hills north east of Carnamah on the Carnamah-Perenjori Road. We grow good crops using conservation principles and we love our creeks, dams, remnant bushland, newly planted corridors, Threatened Ecological Communities, covenanted tracts, Salmon Gums, birdlife, wildlife, sunsets and space. I re-invigorated the 30 year old Carnamah Landcare Group, one of the original LCDCs, in 2013 and the Carnamah community now has a very strong Landcare presence with lots of new members: young farmers and townsfolk alike. Recipient of NACC’s individual leadership award for the NAR in 2017 and a staunch supporter of their direction, drive, initiative and beliefs.


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